The Firm

CLYNE EAGAN & ASSOCIATES, P.A. commenced operations in 1983, identifying as its target market nonpublic businesses and high net worth individuals. The founding partners saw that these businesses would be better served by a highly technical, medium-sized professional firm since, in most cases, the Big Four are not able to give such companies the professional attention they require and many small firms do not possess an adequate level of expertise. The firm strives to bring the extensive Big Four experience (50 years in the aggregate) of its partners and several of its supervisory staff to closely-held companies in need of high-quality professional accounting services.

Our clients avoid going through extensive middle levels of bureaucracy to obtain timely input on important accounting and tax decisions. We accomplish this result by employing only top-notch personnel who are generally more capable and more experienced than the counterpart staff who might be deployed by a Big Four firm on what it may consider a "small engagement."

It is our philosophy, with each of our clients, to look beyond the accounting entries of a business to the underlying transactions which give rise to the entries, and to completely understand the day-to-day systems, procedures, operations, and environmental issues that impact our clients. We periodically meet with our clients to discuss with them our observations of their operations and different areas where we feel improvements might be made or tax and/or business advantage might be had by taking or not taking certain actions. We try to understand what makes our clients tick and what external factors impact their financial and tax matters.

Foreign languages spoken by staff members: Arabic, Spanish, and Filipino (Tagalog).